Review Policy


I’m currently accepting books for review. Please see the information below before sending a review request!


My preferred genre is Fantasy. I like to read a wide array of books, so I’m open to Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult fantasy. I’m also open to receiving Historical Fiction and Science Fiction books.

I will not accept the following genres: non-fiction, memoirs/biographies, thrillers/horrors, or erotica.


My preferred format would be physical books – either Advanced Review Copies or finished – but I will also accept ebooks in .epub or .pdf formats. I am currently not accepting audiobooks for review.


Reviews will include key information like title, author, publisher, publication date, number of pages, rating, and my thoughts. Reviews will be posted on here and on my Goodreads. I will also document my reading progress on Goodreads, as well as on my other social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram (Stories and pictures).

A positive review is not a guarantee as I would like all my reviews to be honest and critical. Any comments will be directed towards the book itself and not the author. If I cannot finish reading a book, it will be mentioned in the review and I will include reasons why.

I will try and review books as quickly as possible, but if you have a certain time frame, please let me know!


I generally use the Goodreads Rating System, however I will occasionally review books in .5 star ratings. This just means that the book didn’t quite reach a full star on the review scale.

1 – I did not like the book
2 – It was okay, but I found a few major issues
3 – I liked the book
4 – I really enjoyed the book


If you are interested in sending me a review copy, please email me at Please include the following information:

–Synopsis/Goodreads link

I will not be able to accept all review requests.

I am also interested in participating in blog tours, author interviews, as well as giveaways 🙂