2016 Tamora Pierce Reading Challenge


Circle of Magic
Sandry’s Book ✓
Tris’s Book ✓
Daja’s Book ✓
Briar’s Book ✓

The Circle Opens
Magic Steps ✓
Street Magic ✓
Cold Fire ✓
Shatterglass ✓

The Circle Reforged
The Will of the Empress ✓
Melting Stones ✓
Battle Magic ✓


Beka Cooper
Terrier ✓
Blood Hound ✓
Mastiff ✓

The Song of the Lioness
Alanna: The First Adventure ✓
In the Hand of the Goddess ✓
The Woman Who Rides Like a Man ✓
Lioness Rampant ✓

The Immortals
Wild Magic ✓
Wolf-Speaker ✓
Emperor Mage ✓
The Realms of the Gods ✓

Protector of the Small
First Test ✓
Page ✓
Squire ✓
Lady Knight ✓

Trickster’s Choice ✓
Trickster’s Queen ✓



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