T5W #4: Books/Series I Want To Read By The End Of The Year!

This bookish meme is hosted by Lainey and Mindy on Goodreads.

I have a huge list of books I need to read before the end of this year, and I’m currently freaking out! What with school starting, I’ve been trying to plan out what books I’ll read each month and it’s not working out so well 🙈

I’m not going to mention any of Tamora Pierce’s books, because I have 5 of her series left to read before the end of the year. FIVE WHOLE SERIES. With 2-4 books per series! Also, I forgot to mention the FEELS that come with these books! I’m definitely expecting a couple of book hangovers!

Here are 5 books/series that I need to have read before the end of the year!


I’m currently reading this right now, but for some reason I’m in kind of a reading slump. Not because of this book, but I think it’s because school is coming up and I’m dreading it so much that I don’t want to read or do anything 😦


Yeah, I still haven’t read this 🙈. But I need to because I’m terrified of getting spoiled!


With the movie coming out this fall, I really want to read this series before the end of the year! I’m thinking of reading it in October, which just feels appropriate 🙂


With Crooked Kingdom coming out next month, I still haven’t read The Grisha Trilogy. I’ve heard mixed things about these books, but I’m excited to finally meet the Darkling!


The reason I want to read The Grisha Trilogy is so I can finally read Six of Crows, which I bought last December. I’m thinking that if I can finish reading ACOMAF by the end of August, then September can be my Leigh Bardugo month!
Have you read any of these books? Don’t forget to check out my previous post Top 6 Book Construction Pet Peeves!




11 thoughts on “T5W #4: Books/Series I Want To Read By The End Of The Year!

  1. I’m in a similar bind with the Grishaverse! Although Leigh Bardugo says you don’t have to read the Grishaverse series before the Six of Crows I don’t want to miss out on any extra information/potential spoilers. But the only book of hers that I own at the moment is Six of Crows so I’m not sure what to do.. 😛
    But oh gosh good luck with reading all these series’! They all look super fun though, hopefully you can get through them all in time! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Hopefully I get through all of them too! I only own Six of Crows too. I’m planning to borrow her Grisha books from the library and then eventually read SoC just in case of any minor spoilers

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