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July Wrap-Up and Book Haul!

Do you know what I love about July? The fact that I share my birthday month with JK Rowling, Harry Potter, and Neville Longbottom!! Besides that, I’m not a huge fan of my birthday, but I did buy myself waaay too many books, even though I read only two this month!


Not the best blogging month. I’ve just been in a slump for some reason. But here’s what’s been on my blog:

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I may have only read 2 books this month 🙈 I’m not sure what happened, but I ended up in a reading slump, which was finally broken because I was buddy-reading ACOTAR with some friends. But I did enjoy both books, so I guess that’s good 🙂

THE TITAN’S CURSE (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #3)
By: Rick Riordan
Rating: 4.5 ⭐️’s

This is definitely my favourite out of the series so far! I loved the new characters that were introduced, especially Apollo 😏 It was also nice to see Artemis, who happens to be my favourite Greek goddess! I’m shipping Percy and Annabeth so hard now 😍😍😍

While we’re on the topic of Percy Jackson, I also started reading The Battle of the Labyrinth, but only got 20 pages in before my reading slump started. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this month!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
By: Sarah J. Maas
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have mixed feelings about this book. I didn’t really fall in love with any of the characters – like they were good, and interesting to read about, but I wasn’t like squealing about them to anyone who’d listen. The world building, plot, and writing were so beautiful and intricate that I still ended up enjoying this book!


So I’ve told myself that since July was my birthday month, buying 11 books is totally acceptable. Honestly, if I didn’t have to worry about buying textbooks in September, I would have bought 21 books (since I turned 21 😊)

Here’s my book haul!

⚡️Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ⚡️By: J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, John Tiffany
(I was lucky enough to go to the midnight release party – it was such a magical experience!)

👑 Crown Duel 👑 By: Sherwood Smith
(I’m not sure if any of you watch InkBonesBooks on YouTube, but she mentioned this book and I immediately added it to my tbr. It sounds just like something I would enjoy!)

*The rest of the books are all by Tamora Pierce! Some of you may know that I’m trying to read all her books this year. I haven’t started her Tortall books yet (which are my favourite, so I decided to first buy them all. Book Outlet was having a sale so I couldn’t resist (also thank you to Yeldah for telling me about it!)*

👀 Daughter of the Lioness: Trickster’s Choice & Trickster’s Queen 👀

🐶 Beka Cooper Trilogy: Terrier, Bloodhound, & Mastiff 🐶

🗡 Protector of the Small: First Test, Page, Squire, Lady Knight 🗡

The emojis are clues for what the books are about 🙂


I finished watching X Company 😭😭😭 I’m heartbroken after that ending and I don’t know what to do with myself. It was so good! I love all the characters so much! Can 2017 be here already!


After that I watched some more Marvel movies. I watched The Incredible Hulk, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Then Thor, which I didn’t really like. It was just too predictable and a little cringy. I’m also not that into Chris Hemsworth, but I did like Loki, even though I hate him sometimes. Then I watched The Avengers, which was just AMAZING! I also definitely prefer Captain American to Iron Man 😏 Then I watched Iron Man 3, the first seven episodes of Agents of Shield, and then Thor 2. I was going to continue with Agents of Shield, but honestly I don’t like it all that much. The characters are a little annoying and cliche. Maybe I’ll continue at some point. (I’m also still reminiscing about Agent Carter – I miss it already and kind of want to rewatch it 🙈) I decided to instead watch Captain America: Winter Soldier and almost finished watching it, but so much was happening and I felt bad for skipping the next 7-8 episodes of Agents of Shield, that I didn’t finish it. Yes, I’m a terrible human

AND…yes I’m not done yet. ^^^^ This might be why I didn’t get much reading done lol 😂 I’m currently rewatching Sherlock with my sister. We decided to rewatch it when we saw the season 4 trailer. Honestly it’s even better the second time around! Sherlock and John are honestly the most adorable duo I’ve ever watched! Literally this is me while watching every episode:

Okay, this is getting waay too long. My August TBR will be up soon! Thanks for reading!



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