Off To Camp!

This is going to be very short. I’m off to camp in a couple of hours. I’ve tried to pack everything I think I’ll need, so hopefully I’m not missing anything. The camp starts at around 4:30, so I’m hoping to get there a bit before, just to get situated and figure out where I need to go.

I’m obviously not going to have wifi while at camp, but I do have data, so I’ll occasionally pop over onto Twitter or Snapchat…maybe. But I’ll be back Sunday afternoon, so it’s not like I’ll be gone for a long time. I’m hoping that I’ll be more active on here afterwards. Maybe all I need is a social media break so that I can finally look forward to blogging more.

Unfortunately, I’m not bringing a book. Because I’m a camp counsellor, I’m going to be responsible for my kids, so I’m not sure how much alone (and quiet) time I’ll get. It sucks actually, because I’m finally kind of getting over a reading slump – I read a few more pages of The Battle of the Labyrinth last night, but had to stop to go to bed. I have more than 3/4 of the book to go through, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish by Sunday night/Monday morning because Monday is the start of my ACOTAR buddy read!

Hope you all have a beautiful and relaxing weekend!




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