Life Update: Taking a Break

I wanted to write a quick, short blogpost explaining a few things.

Finals are here and as usual, I HAVE NO MOTIVATION TO STUDY. Like none. I don’t even know why. It’s not like I like failing my exams – I just don’t care. I know I should, but university isn’t fun, like high school was. I remember actually being motivated to make review sheets for my classes to help me study. I know I’m weird, but…



I have four exams to study for. My first exam is on the 14th and it’s for my Classical Medicine class. I’m really not looking forward to writing this exam. We have 3 hours to define 3 terms, 2 passages/illustrations, 1 unknown passage, and write two 1000 word essays! It’s probably doable, especially since my prof seems to give us all pretty good marks, no matter what we write, but I’m just thinking about my hand…like is it going to be functional for my exam on the 15th?


The 15th is my anatomy exam – I have the slide identification portion first, and then the actual exam. Then on the 19th I have my Classical Mythology, which is the only exam I’m looking forward to because it’s actually a fun class. Then the 26th, is my physiology exam, which I’m so worried about that I should be studying, but I’m not. I really, really need to do well on this exam, so I can get the mark I want. The only plus is that the exam is in the morning and not at night – so after I finish, I’m going to Chapters-Indigo and buying myself at least one book to make myself feel better.

Speaking of books, I’m not going to be updating my blog this month. I just need to focus on my finals. I know I was nominated for the Creative and Versatile awards (Thanks Liam!) – I will eventually write the blogpost, but for now I’m going to try and motivate myself to study.

Also, if you follow me on Instagram, I might be sporadic when it comes to posting on there as well. Trying to find time to take pictures might be a little difficult. I’ll still be on social media and probably ranting about exams on Twitter, but I won’t be all that active.

As for reading, I have no idea. I just finished Eleanor and Park – I have mixed feelings and I’m hoping I won’t forget them so I can write a review later.

Anyway, that’s it for now. See you guys in a few weeks!


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