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GUOTSBE #8: The Perfect Fictional Trip!

All I can say is LOL 😂

I’ve done only one of these GUOTSBE blogging prompts, but since I have today off, I decided that I have no excuse but to plan a fictional trip to my favourite places in the whole world!

Blogging Extravaganza

I thought I would bring you guys along on this pretty amazing trip! I hope you’re all ready!

FIRST STOP: Nicholas Flamel’s Book Store (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Obviously the first stop on our trip will be a bookstore! And what better way to spend a couple of hours (or a whole day) perusing through stacks of dusty volumes and flipping through yellowing pages. AND you get to meet Nicholas Flamel! Can you imagine how much you could learn just by talking to him?

Then, when we get a little peckish, we cross the street to The Coffee Cup where Perenelle Flamel offers us a variety of teas to choose from! We then spend the rest of the afternoon talking to the Flamels and listening to all their stories and adventures! It’s quite possible that Mars, William Shakespeare, Scathach, and Joan of Arc may make an appearence!

The Night Circus

Now we all know that The Night Circus doesn’t run on a schedule – so you never really know when it’ll show up! But tonight’s our lucky night! We decided to take a road trip from San Fransisco to Seattle, Washington (b/c why not!). However, it starts to get dark and so we decide to stop at a small inn in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The innkeeper let’s us know that a circus is in town and that it’s definitely something we should not miss!


We spend all night travelling from tent to tent in a maze of black and white, sipping on cider and eating chocolate-covered popcorn. But as morning slowly creeps into the sky, we’re ushered out and the gates are shut. It sounds a little sad, but the experience is definitely one we’ll never forget!



Hogwarts is a must! Our trip wouldn’t be complete without it! We get to spend an entire week wandering the corridors, dodging Peeves, sneaking into the kitchens for food, and obviously playing Quidditch! At night, we wander the hallways, sneaking into the restricted section of the library, making our way into the Chamber of Secrets, discovering all the hidden passageways, and spending hours in the Room of Requirement!


On our final day, a huge feast is held and we all leave with little Hogwarts goody-bags filled with chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes and more! We board the Hogwart’s Express for our final trip into King’s Cross Station, silently crying, but still smiling as we reminisce the past couple of weeks!



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