Hey? Are you there?

“Wha-? Oh. Hi.”

What happened to GUOTSBE?

“Um…I kind of got into a blogging slump.”

Well that’s ironic, since you were supposed to get out of a blogging slump. That was kind of the point with GUOTSBE.

*Sighs dramatically and continues reading Me Before You*

Uhh…can you stop reading?

*Gives conscience the Death stare*

Okay. Fine. Just listen then. April is coming up, which means finals and probably barely any blogging. You should at least make some effort now before next month.

“Okay. You’re right. I’ll try and make more of an effort. But this book is so good and addicting and I just don’t want to put it down…”
*Picks up book again*

*Starts poking brain with an imaginary stick*

“Stop making me feel guilty!”

Come on! You had this really amazing idea a couple of weeks ago. Why don’t you start off with that?

“Ohhh! THAT idea. Yeah, I think I’ll go and do that right now.”



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