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February Wrap-Up!!!

I still can’t believe that February is over! I have one more month left of school and then finals (which I’m dreading)!

I didn’t end up reading as much as I wanted this month, but considering I had 3 midterms and a couple of assignments, I think I did pretty well.

Here is what I read this month:

SANDRY’S BOOK (Circle of Magic #1)
By: Tamora Pierce
Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐️’s

I wrote a review for this book, which you can read here.

This was a re-read for me, and I definitely enjoyed it a lot more this time around. My only complaints are that the book was a little slow at times, and there wasn’t as much action as I’m used to in Tamora Pierce’s books. But overall I still really enjoyed the relationships between the characters and the magic system definitely grew on me throughout the book.


TRIS’S BOOK – 4/5 ⭐️’s

DAJA’s BOOK – 3.75/5 ⭐️’s

BRIAR’s BOOK – 4/5 ⭐️’s

I really enjoyed the rest of the books in the Circle of Magic series! They were definitely a lot more action-packed and I really fell in love with all the characters. Briar’s Book has to be my favourite out of all the books, mainly because if I had to choose a magic, I would definitely become a plant mage! It also dealt with a plague and finding a cure for it – the process of finding the cure was so scientific that it reminded me of working in a lab (which I miss so much!).

By: JK Rowling
Rating: 5 ⭐️’s

Literally nothing to say except wonderful things! I could never rate this lower than a 5! I also ended up watching the movie last Friday and it brought back SO MANY FEELS!


I’ll have a March TBR hopefully up sometime this week!


4 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up!!!

  1. Oh wow, I haven’t read the Circle of Magic books in years! They were a favorite of mine when I first read them and other Tamora Pierce books. Maybe I should reread them.

    I can’t wait to see the illustrated copy of Chamber of Secrets. I especially want to see the pictures of Aragog and the Basilisk.


    1. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the Circle of Magic books, but I’m glad I gave them a try! Can’t wait to continue on with the Circle Universe! Definitely reread them!

      I honestly can’t wait for the illustrated edition of Chamber of Secrets! I watched the movie last night and it made me so nostalgic and sad (but in a good way)!


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