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TTT#2 – Top Ten Books I Enjoyed Recently That Were Out of My Comfort Zone

Yay! Another TTT! I haven’t done one in a while, but this week’s topic seemed perfect, especially since I read quite a few books last year that I wouldn’t normally have read 🙂

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By: Cassandra Clare


I was hesitant about reading The Mortal Instruments series, but since the show was about to come out, I thought I would give it a try. I think this is the first urban fantasy book I’ve read and I actually really enjoyed it. Usually I don’t pick up urban fantasy – for some reason I’m just not into it – but I’m glad I picked up City of Bones. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy City of Ashes as much as I did CoB, but I’ve yet to finish the series, so it may get better.

By: Marissa Meyer


There was sooo much hype surrounding The Lunar Chronicles last year that I decided to finally look it up. At first I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy Cinder. I think what put me off was the fact that Cinder is a cyborg – it’s just so different from anything I’ve ever read before. But I ended up loving it! Honestly it was AMAZING! I’m saving up my money so I can buy the entire series and binge-read it this summer!

By: E. Lockhart


I wouldn’t say that I really, really enjoyed this book, but it definitely has lodged itself in my brain and I’ll probably never forget it. I don’t read a lot of contemporary, so this was definitely outside of my comfort zone.

By: Jenny Han


Like I said, I don’t usually read contemporary, but contemporary romances are definitely a VERY RARE occurrence for me. I had heard so many good things about this book that I decided to pick it up. It was such a cute, funny read and I’m glad I read it 🙂

By: Patrick Ness


This is such a unique book and not something that I would ever pick up. I think it was available on OverDrive and so I thought I would try it out and ended up loving it!

By: Shannon Hale

I don’t ever read new adult/adult fiction, but I love Shannon Hale’s Books of Bayern series and I also love Jane Austen! This was probably the best decision I made last year! I loved both of these books so much that I’m planning to buy them eventually so I can reread them both! Midnight in Austenland was the most surprising for me because it’s more adult fiction than new adult, since the main character is in her 40s. I didn’t think it would live up to Austenland, but I actually enjoyed it even more! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

By: Stephanie Kuehn


Another contemporary book I read last year. This book deals with sexual abuse, suicide, and mental health – not topics that I generally gravitate towards. I think for me it was a very eye-opening read, but it was also beautifully written, a little confusing at times, but worth it in the end.

By: Moira Katson


I can’t stop talking about this book! I don’t usually read books that were self-published by the author, mostly because I don’t know of many, but this book I ended up getting for free off of BookBub. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but OMG READ IT NOW! This trilogy is incredible! Though I will admit that there were quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes, (though I think that might have been fixed for the Amazon versions) the story and plot are SO GOOD! The characters are so asdfghjkl…I just can’t…just read it.

By: Sarah Dunant


I saw this book multiple times on OverDrive, but wasn’t really sure about it. I love historical fiction, but I was a little apprehensive about this one in case it turned into a historical-fiction-romance (which I’m not a fan of). I didn’t know a lot about the Borgias or the Renaissance Era, but this book was really, really good! The reading experience was amazing, but I also learned so much history at the same time!

Hope you enjoyed this (kind of late) TTT! I had a lot of fun reminiscing about reading these books!


2 thoughts on “TTT#2 – Top Ten Books I Enjoyed Recently That Were Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. AHHH I ADORED CHARM AND STRANGE!! It’s not out-of-my-comfort-zone probably for me? But I diiiiid so love it. But omg, A Monster Calls was a bit of an odd read for me, mostly because I don’t read MG very much? But that book was amazing. I’m really excited for the movie this year. XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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