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25 Bookish Facts About Me!

Since I’m still so new at blogging, I thought this tag would be a great way to get to know me better!

1) My favourite genre is fantasy.

2) I’ve never read a John Green book, and I probably never will, BUT I still love the Vlogbrothers and I consider myself a Nerdfighter πŸ™‚

3) My least favourite genre is contemporary – mainly contemporary romances.

4) I haven’t read a lot of classics, but my favourite classic besides Pride and Prejudice is Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

5) I own 40 books in total, and that’s including my university textbooks. It’s embarrassing, I know!

6) I’m not a huge fan of urban fantasy – it’s just not fantastical enough for me.

7) I prefer hardbacks to paperbacks.

8) I always take off the dust jacket when I’m reading a hardback book because it annoys me and I’m afraid I’ll accidentally ruin it!

9) I never eat or drink while I’m reading because I’m terrified I’ll spill something over the book. Also I hate distractions while I’m reading. Β 

10) Books with maps are literally love at first sight! 😍😍😍

11) 80% of the books I read last year were ebooks.

12) I’m faster at reading ebooks than physical books.

13) I get most of my reading done on the bus on the way to and from university (which is why ebooks come in handy).

14)Β I barely read any books for 5 years, starting from grade 9, all the way to December of 2014!

15) I wanted to be a writer when I was little. I had even planned to study English in university so I could become an English teacher and write on the side. But then I fell in love with science. I’m not enjoying studying science at the moment, but I’m not ready to start getting back into writing yet.Β 

16) I’m still trying to catch up on all the books I missed out on reading in that 5-year-long reading slump. I don’t think I’ll ever catch up entirely.

17) I wrote a 26,000-word story when I was 13. It takes place in Ancient Egypt and is titled “Captives”.

18) I don’t like listening to audiobooks and I don’t think I ever will.Β 

19) Whenever I hear someone talking about a book, or I see someone reading, it just makes my day!

20) I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, but I only own Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

21) I have the entire Sorting Hat song from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix memorized.

22) I’m a Ravenclaw.

23) I hate lending out my books, even to my brother and sister.Β 

24)Β I dream of having my own library someday.

25) I would love to work in publishing, but if that doesn’t happen I would be as happy working at an independent bookstore.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little tag! Which fact was the most surprising? Are we similar in anyway?


8 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me!

  1. Welcome to the community!! LOVE your facts… I thought I’d never like a John Green book (even if I really like his personality) but then I tried Looking For Alaska. It isn’t one of his typical books and I really recommend it to you!
    I understand you so much for 8 and 9 books are my precious and I hate ruining them


    1. Thank you! I love being part of the bookish community – everyone is just so welcoming and friendly! I’ve thought about trying out John Green, but I keep on getting distracted with other books, and I’m not that into contemporary. But I’ll definitely check out Looking for Alaska if I’m in a contemporary mood! 😊


  2. Ooohh, a new blogger, you say? Welcome to the community!

    Firstly, 40 books? That’s actually pretty impressive – you’ve resisted the temptation to hoard until your shelves crack, which must require a LOT of self-restraint. I wouldn’t know, having never had any.

    It also seems very sensible to remove the dust jackets on books. I ripped one last week and it was . . . uh. I don’t even want to talk about it.

    Thank you so much for sharing your very interesting book-life! Now I’m off to go read while eating. It’s awful, I know, but . . .


    1. Thank you! I love being a part of the bookish community! As for owning only 40 books, I wouldn’t say its self-restraint. My mom was always like “why buy books when you can get them at the library”, and that kind of made sense for a while. But then I got into Bookstagram and saw all the “shelfies” and now I really want to start my own collection! I still need to get a book shelf though – my books currently reside in my closet in an upper shelf collecting dust.

      That’s my WORST nightmare – ripping a dust jacket!!! You’re lucky you can multi-task though! I wish I could drink some tea while reading, but usually my tea gets left behind because I’m so into the book! 😊


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