Back to Reality

It’s the first day back from winter break and I’m greeted with snow and -19℃ (66.2℉ for my American readers 😊) weather. Though it was nice to walk in the snow on the way to the bus stop, once I got there the wind hit me and I realized how much I hate going to class during the winter. That’s Canada for you. I am glad to be back into a normal routine, even though I’m really tired right now – staying up till 2 or 3 am every night wasn’t a good idea. 😴


I’m still waiting for my mark from my anatomy exam to come in. I ended up doing surprisingly well on my other finals. My forensic anthropology exam was really easy, so that bumped my mark up after the midterm. Late Antiquity on the other hand was a complete surprise. I was pretty sure that I had “failed” the final – I barely wrote anything for one question and my two essays were terrible. But I ended up getting an 80% on the final??!! I personally think my prof got lazy and just gave everyone an 80%, but I’m definitely not complaining.


Besides that, I’ve been trying to reorganize my class schedule. I’m taking 3 full year courses – anatomy, physiology, and mythology (my favourite class so far!!!) – so those courses are continuing this semester. I’m also taking a writing course (more on that later) and my final course was going to be Pop Culture in Antiquity. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The course is pretty much about comparing classical heroes to contemporary heroes found in comic books (Superman), movies (Hunger Games), tv shows, etc. The problem was that the professor decided to change the course syllabus last minute and all the assignments coincide with my writing course, as well as midterms for my other courses. So I decided that I didn’t want to kill myself this semester and switched into Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine. The course was actually full, so I had to check frequently until a spot opened and I could enrol.

Here is what my timetable looks like:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 2.54.50 PM.png

I guess it’s not that bad. Anatomy labs are annoying and take forever, but since I’m taking it online I have until the next day to hand in the assignment. I’m also a little worried about my Writing class. I used to be really good at writing, but I’ve lost practice over the years. Ever since I started reading though, I’ve kind of felt the itch to start writing again. Hopefully this course helps.

The first two weeks of university are so relaxing. All you have to worry about is going to class, taking notes, doing readings. But then after those two blissful weeks, it’s like getting hit by a bus over and over until a week before finals when you can finally chill before going through it all over again.


That’s life. I’m going to try and enjoy these next couple of weeks and stay on top of things so I’m not freaking out by the end of the month. Hopefully this semester is better than the last.

How was your first day back to school or work? Or, if you’re still on winter break (I hate you btw), what are your plans until you go back?

– Sakina


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